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Kelly Macbeth MacKay

Kelly Macbeth Mackay

Words & Visuals by Kelly Macbeth Mackay
Original Score by Eric Campbell

Show me your glitch is an audio visual invitation to open a discussion with the negative loops in one's own life––people, habits, vices, unspoken traumas.

This is an open invitation of confrontation.

Show me your glitch
Your inner fiction
Pass me your voice
A shared contradiction
Speak no judgement
Honour no freedom
Tell me you're listening
With infinite wisdom
Read me your quotes
Polished almighty prose
From those up above
Intention glides down the nose
Unto those with value
Crushing their voice
unless they repeat
It's a futureless choice - whisper
The dead hold the power
The rich hold the reigns
The poor hold the energy
Restricted to veins
Watch your words
Watch your actions
Albeit face sanctions
I’ll ask you again
They’ll ask you once more
To show them your glitch
Your inner fiction
To pass them your voice
Replaced by contradiction
They’ll judge every word
And honour no freedom
They’ll lie about listening
And claim that it’s wisdom
Take your quotes
And polish until they hold a price
Wipe their nose with your profits
Blame your loss on your vice
Addiction and savagery
Bulbous debauchery
How dare you inflate
What is clearly the fault of me
I may drink, I may smoke
I may lie in my piss
Yet my words are my wisdom,
and your relevance is?