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Can Yang

Can Yang’s work archive is based on reassessing the specicity and transformations across medium, from traditional painting and drawing, to reproducible etching and printing, indexical photography and cinematic images and then to digital manipulations. Digital media emerge as the apparent endpoint of an accelerating dematerialism. Among most of the discussions about art in digital age have arm there is a progressive decay of aura in the process of reproduction and recreation of the original work. However, there are also a variety of reasons beyond staging of criticism to work in the eld of digital medium: the special feature of fusing time and space, past and future, self and audience presents a ‘fugitiveness’ that refuses the categorical and totalising inscription. Based on the theoretical researches and practical experiments, she started form a series of experimental practice on questioning the doctrine of materiality of media in arts and evoking the unheard voice of digital media based on its ghostly virtuality.