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What Does It Mean to Make Space for
New Gods Upon the Altar?

Laura Dudek

Love is a surreal dreamscape governed by a capricious logic.

What does it mean to redefine the axioms that engender meaning within your world?
What does it mean to allow another sculpture in and let his hands shape your clay?
What does it mean to concede creative control?
and what does it mean to want to concede?

This is a process of reconciliation. An analysis that only begets more questions.

What does it mean when another has colonized your head and your heart space?
You know it and you like it. You see him making changes. And you like it.
You thought you were whole before. You thought you were complete just the way you are, and sure of your truth and focused on your path. But you stand by and watch him meddle
with your chemistry. You let him perform his experiments on you and equally you onto him.
Is he an alchemist? Is he mad?
Does it matter when it feels this good?

What does it mean to restructure the temple; to make space for new gods upon the altar?

This is one of my most personal and intimate projects to date.
As my first film, it was also one of the most challenging.

At its core, this is a story of someone who has undergone change.
The question is: change for a lover or changed by love?

I wonder sometimes, just because things feel good does it mean they are right?
This film doesn’t provide any answers but it does offer guidance.

It acknowledges that change is scary and faculties of logic cannot always be used to reason with love because it is of a different nature. It therefore must be engaged with through different means. This can be challenging. But, if you have been true to yourself throughout your journey then where you are now is where you should be and you can trust the changes.

Written, directed, and produced by Laura Dudek
Special thanks to Sammy Selin (DP) and all my cast and crew <3
Music by Kadhja Bonet