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The Position

Stereo audio work with video, 1’18’’

Chengwei Mao, 2020

The Position is a discussion about the exploration of self-position. The work is a 1’18’’ stereo audio piece, which requires audiences to listen with headphones. It is a consideration about unconscious position expression under a responsible and ethical condition. Inspired by the Global positioning system and Wi-Fi positioning system model, there are three dynamic circle-shape audio sources. During the process of moving, the sounds overlap and “chase” each other, which creates a dynamic position in this process. This Position wants audiences to search and select information through the crossover of fragmented information. There can be different layers and various concept understandings of the work.

The Position is an attempt of extreme political expression, which is to discover the dynamic definition and the sliding between order and disorder, wholeness and fragmentation, openness and representational expression, substantive understanding and nonsense.