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Meng Zhou, 2020

Material: water, tea-leaves, fabric

‘No objects are ‘waste’ by their intrinsic qualities, and no objects can become waste through their inner logic. It is by being assigned to waste by human designs that material objects, whether human or inhuman…’ Human discarding behavior is usually random and unconsidered, so continuous discarding and continuous purchases lead to excessive waste. The recyclable symbol on the rubbish bin is a loop, which seems to imply that all garbage can be generated to recycling, those cannot be recycled has been concealed, however that part of garbage that cannot be treated by technology should raise our concern. Disposable product become common throwaway products with convenient, cheap, abundant characteristic. Products are been settle standards, low-value products would be easily discarded. If human beings can also be replaced and selected in the future, will those who cannot create value for society be considered as excessive human of modernization? ‘C O N N E C T I O N’ made up of handmade teabags by using tea leaves, wasted facial masks, hanging on the wall representing the condition teabags were dripping after being used. The drip on the fabric showed black color would soon vanish. After wet teabags become dry teabags, the show turns to the end, in some ways the installation can be seen as a disposal exhibition.